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Do it Yourself Car Repair

Experienced Mechanics

Lets face it, after our home, the family car is more than likely the the most expensive thing we own and operate. We should rely on a quality mechanic with years of experience on just about every car ever produced to complete the repairs and maintenance our steel chariots may require, automobile enthusiasts doing the job they truly love; however, there are many repair and maintenance jobs inexperienced mechanics can complete. From changing your own spark plugs, to even replacing the drum brakes on the rear of your car, you can do it yourself - even if you live on a corporate CEO's salary or try to get by on military pay, the savings can be well spent in other areas, and for the some jobs you can do yourself, it can save a LOT of money.

Choosing a Mechanic

If you decide that the job is just to big, or time consuming for your experience level, before you pick which mechanic you may want to rely on for good and timely service, here is a four point check list you can use to help determine a mechanics credibility;

  1. Are they Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified?
  2. Are they members of the Better Business Bureau?
  3. Do you know anyone who has utilized there service in the past?
  4. Is any information posted on the Internet?

If someone is ASE certified, they generally know their stuff. The Better Business Bureau keeps track of official complaints made to them and the complaints were resolved. Ask your friends what they may have heard about the mechanic; if they know anything, I am sure you will get an ear full! Search the Internet! If someone is motivated enough to make a comment on the Internet about a service they received, who are we not to look it up? If there are adverse comments about a mechanic you want to use, at least ask the mechanic about the circumstance. Point is, your vehicle is a major part of your life; take the time.

Underground Automotive

The basic knowledge spewed out on this site can help you make decisions about your car/truck that ultimately can help you save money. I provide this information without warranty, use it at your own risk.